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Layda and Tickle

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This is the second pairing of Ch. Doubletree's Take A Shot At Tri-Star and GCh Earendil's Desert Mirage. Having seen what they can produce I am happily looking forward to raising some lovely babies. The litter is due Memorial Day and will be clear by Inheritance. 
Please get in touch if you would like more details. The pedigree is available here.
Click for pedigree

The Layla/Patron puppies are all happily taking over their new homes. Hoping for a Fall litter.
Will be posted here once I know for sure. Hope you enjoyed watching the pups grow up.


UPDATE 7/21/18

Our pretty puppies from Layla and Patron are moving on to their new homes. Yellow will stay with us for a few more weeks while his new family vacations but everyone else is on their way. I hope you enjoyed watching them grow.  

UPDATE 7/11/18



Layla/Patron babies are already six weeks old. Eating well, pooping very well, playing outside almost every day and enjoying their toys. They are bright, curious puppy people. I would be very interested in placing the Yellow boy into a show home. He would be a good prospect for a Junior and has a pedigree that might interest serious Breeders. Please get in touch if you are interested.


UPDATE 7/4/18

Five weeks today and everybody has nice, sharp teeth and a great sense of adventure. Easy to handle and happy go lucky babies.
Due to a sudden illness I may still have one available. Please feel free to get in touch.


UPDATE 6/28/18

The pups are four weeks and all got "Excellent" grades on their well puppy exam. No surprise but always nice to hear. All are close to two pounds, spending most of their time in the big play pen and have had their first experience outside. Eating real food but still more than happy to see mama and the milk bar. This is a fun time.


UPDATE 6/21/18


UPDATE 6/14/18


Ever try to get wiggle worms to pose for photos? It would be a lot like trying to take pictures by yourself of these pups at two weeks.
Everyone is doing well; all over a pound and the faces are very nice. Will try to have some help next week.


UPDATE 6/6/18.


Layla's Fab Five are one week old today. Have had their dewclaws removed and got their first Vet check. Red, Yellow and Pink have
doubled their weight with Blue and Purple (expressing her opinion of being smallest) close behind. Everyone is slick, fat and happy




The Layla, Patron babies arrived last night. First photo is of the boys and the second of the GIRLS!! THREE GIRLS!
All six were between 5.2oz and 5.9oz. Slick and shiny and already eating well. Layla is doing a great job already.


Grand Champion Broken Wing's Thunder Rolls At Tri Star

Champion Earendil's All My Love At Heaven Hi

Happy to be able to tell you that both parents are CLEAR for Juvenile Dilated Cardio Myopathy so all the babies will also be Clear.

Having been able to watch the parents of both these youngsters grow up, this is a breeding I have had in mind since both Garth and BeBe were babies themselves. Click here to see the pedigree.

Apollo made his July 20 touch down in LAX.  He met several of his new family and then slept all the way to his new home.
He has a big dog, new cats and a big family to whip into shape. Doubt it will take him long...

Our next litter is planned for late this Summer. Feel free to get in touch for details.



After one last game of "Who Has The Best Stick"  Zeus AKA Yellow Boy, went home today with his new owner, Todd and Todd's daughter.
Todd is holding Zeus and Apollo just had to be included. Apollo is flying so will be with us for awhile longer and will arrive in California pre-spoiled. Just part of our service.   With these two named and claimed I am looking ahead to a late Summer litter. Details will be here in a few weeks.



Six week old puppies get to play outside. It's an adventure.



Pups romped through their well puppy check up and will be off to new homes in July. Apollo (Blue) is going to California and Zeus will be nearby in Alexandria. Finally had a decent day so the pups spent some time outdoors today under the watchful eye of Merlin who is pretty sure I can't be trusted with much responsibility.




Pups are four weeks today and both weigh a bit over two pounds. They will be spending more time on the floor now with a ten foot area for learning to run and play and wrestle with their toys. They are very pretty pups and I am looking forward to watching them soak up new things.  Hopefully, weather permitting, they can get outside and have some sun as well.



Pups are three weeks old today, seeing and hearing so we move on to phase two - the solid box is gone, water is available and they can get in and out of their bed. Mom is spending more time away from them but get anxious if she is gone to long. Keeping her babies spic and span and full. Will probably have them spending time on the floor with even more room before the week is out.




Our not so little guys are two weeks old today. Fat and sassy and proof that Be is an A #1 Mama. Proud of them all.



Be and Garth puppies

Be Babies were a week old on Thursday.  Both had doubled their birth weight before that and are certainly taking full advantage of all the empty faucets. Yellow is now officially Heaven Hi's Take Your Time and Blue is Better Late Than Never. Both are doing very well. Dealing with being handled every day and learning to enjoy belly rubs when they do fuss.



The Be and Garth puppies are FINALLY here!
Two males who were several days late but doing just fine. Yellow was first and will be named Heaven Hi's All The Time In The World. Blue was born about 45 minutes later and will be registered as Heaven Hi's Better Late Than Never. Be is taking good care of them and I am looking forward to the fun stuff now.


Being pregnant does not mean you get the entire lap!

Two weeks to go. Any one want to guess how many?


Champion Heaven Hi's Hot Diggity To Marjani 

Grand Champion Heaven Hi's Tickle My Fanci

This litter will be Clear by Inheritance for VWD and Juvinile Cardio Mythopathy.
A Toy litter combining beauty, brains and wonderful temperaments. They will be available in mid January. 
This is Perry's first litter and will be Tickle's last. Also our first Heaven Hi litter in Virginia. Click for pedigree.



Happy to say that our little boy is now in his new home. Even has a permanent name - "Keeper".
Headed for a show career so please wish him luck.

2/11/17 UPDATE
Chewey/Ping Pong/Puppy Damnit's ear popped up literally overnight. He is quite proud of his accomplishment.
First visit to PetSmart today. I don't think he believes in fuzzy dogs.




2/03/17 UPDATE
Welcome to Chewey's little den. Warmest room in the house and he loves to take his toys in to snuggle. He is 12 weeks today and weighs five pounds and a couple ounces. Adult weight will be between 10 and 11 pounds. Every thing about this pup 'tickles' me. 



Puppy party was last Saturday and two of the pups did go home with the people who had been waiting impatiently for them to be old enough.  The White Boy is still available. I would love to find him a home with someone I could work with regarding showing him with an eye to breeding him when he is all grown up. I need to get him placed before I decide I can't part with him.

Bill and the kids with Finn


Grandma Julie with Perry, sire of the litter


Barbie with her new girl ready to leave for home



1/01/16 UPDATE
Still too cold/wet/windy/all of the above to get the pups outside and none of us is happy about it. They have the run of the main floor several times a day and end up looking out at the big girls whenever they are out. Poor babies. At the stage of trying to eat anything and everything they come across, trying to keep an eye on them is keeping me busy. HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us to all of you.



12/26/16 UPDATE
Six weeks old today and ready to conquer the world!  If Mama will let them... 
All three are eating well, playing a lot, spending most of their time playing on the floor and noticing everything.
I am real pleased with all three - a 'Mary Poppins' litter for sure.



UPDATE 12/16/16
Five weeks old today, the puppys are ready to try new things. Enjoy.




UPDATE 12/11/16
Today the puppies are four weeks old and got a nice big toy to celebrate. Pink has regained the top spot - 2 pounds, 2 ounces. Her brothers are not far behind with Blue still the smallest by just a bit. They are fat and happy - getting braver every day. Lida and Be are curious about them but Tic makes sure nobody gets too pushy. Be is hoping they will share the new toy.




Tickle and Perry pups arrived last night. Two males and one bitch. Purple, white and pink. 
Guess which one is the little girl. Pups and Mama doing very well.



The puppies are two weeks old and right on schedule.  All three over a pound and the weights very close. Eyes have opened in the last couple days and they are starting to move around a lot more. Almost up on their little feet. Faces are going to be nice and bright and the rest of the markings look good too. Tickle continues to do a super job.


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Sire: NamTam's Voyager

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 Ch Heaven Hi's Lida Rose

Business as usual

Surprise, surprise, surprise! This was a breeding I had planned for next year. The plan was to show Lida as a Champion while I showed Voyager in class to finish his Championship. Obviously, that was not their plan and their puppies are due the middle of May and will be available in mid-July. Physically, the dogs are a good blend. Genetically, this is an outcross I have been looking for for some time. Click to view the pedigree and feel free to get in touch for details if you are interested. 606-379-0099. Click for pedigree

** UPDATE 7/28 **

The white collar puppy left with his new family on Thursday. He and his new sister enjoyed some quiet time on the way home. Purple is enjoying getting so much attention and will likely be spoiled rotten by the time his new people find him. He put an ear up to celebrate his daddy's second major win and first Best of Breed win yesterday. With a soon to be Champion sire, all he needs is a new home.




** UPDATE 6/30 **

At last the weather is good enough to get the pups outside to play. Finally got some photo that show just how nice the White boy is. And Wave is the first with one good ear. They played for quite awhile and are now sound asleep. So happy to see them out. Still have one of the boys available.





** UPDATE 6/24 **

Babies are five weeks and I wanted to prove they do have legs and can stand up. We were trying to hurry to take pictures before it rained so they were not thrilled with the wind and the thunder. I also took some upside down head shots to show off the ears. Let me know if you would like to see them. (Gremlins seem to have eaten Wave's standing up picture but maybe you can tell by the one I used that she does have legs.

** UPDATE 6/16 **

The babies are four weeks old today and will be having their well puppy check up this afternoon. They are spending a little time outside when it isn't too wet and/or hot, have started on soft food and are getting sassier by the minute. One of the males is still available. I am real pleased with them all at this point.


 Lida's babies are one week today. The girl is the smallest and the boys are within an ounce of one another.
Consistent and happy. Pretty little faces and good color. I am a happy breeder.

Lida is not sure I should be pointing this black thing at her babies.

The boys are wearing collars. The girl doesn't think she needs one.

5/19 Here are the Lida/Sailor babies.
The ones with collars are the males and the head study is the one and only female cause we all know they are the most important. They are all thriving and their mama is taking good care of them. Let me kn

Catchin A Wave, Buccaneer, Bosun's Mate and Master Chief have all shipped out. Thank you for your interest and please scroll down to enjoy pictures of more puppies and other candids. If all goes as planned, we will be showcasing another litter in the fall.


Dam: Grand Champion Heaven Hi's Tickle My Fanci.

Sweet, smart, beautiful and, with limited showing number five bitch through the Spring.

Sire: Grand Champion Rustic Lane Walk On Water.

A wonderful companion and an outstanding show dog, Lordy is a son of Ch.Tropic Fox Dreamgirl and a grandson of Ch Heaven Hi's Foolish Pleasure. I've waited a long time to put this pedigree together

For the very first time, I decided to repeat a breeding because the two in the first litter were so nice I wanted more.
There will be three males from this litter available in mid-May. Click for
Sire: Grand Champion Rustic Lane Walks On Water   Dam: Grand Champion Heaven Hi's Tickle My Fanci

Two beautiful, smart, sweet dogs whose pedigrees blend as well as they do. There will be males available in mid-May.

UPDATE 4/1/16
The new litter from Lordy and Tickle are four weeks old and getting pretty darn cute. The pink puppy is the only girl and will be staying with her daddy. All four of the lovely males are available at this point. Would love to see them in show homes but am sure they will be standouts in any venue. Please feel free to get in touch.


12/30/15 - Buddy and his new siblings. We do love a happy ending.
We are anticipating a repeat breeding early in 2016.


Hope you enjoy these photos of our past litters and don't forget to scroll down for some Candid shots!


Look at all that! Which way should we go?



I see you butterfly! Bet I can catch you... Zeus at five months.



What REALLY happened to the Dinosaurs!



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