Heaven Hi Manchester Terriers
Jerri Hobbs
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Garden City, MI

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Sire: Ch. Earendil's Unbridled Spirit 

Dam: GCH. Heaven Hi's Lida Rose

I am happy to tell you that all of the Lida/Justify litter have been claimed and will be going to their new homes over
the next few weeks.  We are hoping to do a Summer/Fall litter this year so keep an eye on us. 

UPDATE - 1/15/21

Lida kids are six weeks old today. Happily running around the house finding things to chew on. Eating well,
annoying their mother and following me around the house. They will be ready for new homes after the first of February.
I do have a girl available. Mostly unstuffed toys optional.



UPDATE - 1/08/21

The pups are five weeks old and having fun teasing their cousins and enjoying our version of a picnic in the living room. 
Smart, brave and happy. The head shot is of the only brother. He is the biggest and helping Yellow girl tease the older pups
in the second photo. They will be available in February.  All four are very promising. 




UPDATE - 12/31/20

The Unbridled Spirit/Lida Rose puppies are four weeks old today. They are all I had hoped for at this age and having the three girls
was a wonderful Christmas present. Not to say that the one boy is not also wonderful. (Just ask him!). They will all be available but
I will be looking to work with my pick bitch. The litter is CLEAR by inheritance. I hope you will like them as much as I do. 


Sire: GCh. Nam Tam's Voyager

Dam:  GCh. Reid's Magic Spice Kake


UPDATE - 12/19/2020

This is Blue Boy at four weeks and seven weeks showing a lot of promise as he keeps growing. Already an
experienced snuggle buddy, he stands a good chance of following in his parents paw prints. He will be ready for a
new home after Christmas.



UPDATE - 12/12/2020

The Sailor/Katie kids are six weeks old today. Since it is to cold for them to play outdoors, they are running all over the
house and then collapsing into their favorite bed. Full ahead and full stop. Passed their well puppy check and dreaming
about finding their new families. The boys are available. 



UPDATE - 12/6/2020

At five weeks Katie's boys are happy, playful and sweet. Available after Christmas.



UPDATE - 11/29/2020

Katie/Sailor pups are four weeks today and everyone is thriving. Have had their first couple of solid meals
and will soon be down on the floor to play. Sweet pups with a lot of promise and personality.


UPDATE - 11/16/2020

Our Sailor/Katie litter are all doing well. Everyone's eyes are open and all but Little Red are not over a pound. He is steadily
gaining too so all is well. The squares in the fabric are 6" on a side.  Hope that will give you some perspective as to size.


Katie's kids are a week old today and growing by leaps and bounds. Katie takes great care of them. The boys are Little Red, White and Blue. Girl feels she stands out without a collar. She and Little Red are almost always together. She will be a big step in our breeding program. The boys will be available.


Katie decided on a couple of surprises. First, to whelp on Halloween. Second, to have four pups instead of the three
the x-ray showed. So we have three males in collars and our lovely late arrival, the girl we wanted so much.





I see you butterfly! Bet I can catch you... Zeus at five months.



What REALLY happened to the Dinosaurs!



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