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GCH Rustic Lane Kind Koopa At Marjani

Ch Kylo Manor Connect The Dots


Happy to say all of the Dot/Bowser babies have been claimed and will be going to their homes in a couple of weeks.
Hope you enjoyed watching them grow. Leaving you with the biggest and smallest.



At five weeks the pups are all full of themselves. And FAST! Think I got shots of everybody this week.
Bare and one of his sisters are still available. Enjoy.


Dot's kids are one month old today. They are all thriving and curious. If the weather allows, I will get some outside shots soon. Their Aunt Lida is taking a hand in their education. Always nice to have a good baby sitter.


Dot's pups are three weeks old today and into the new pen where they will have a little more room. Personalities are coming to the fore - nobody lays on Bare any more - and they will be ready to spend time on the floor and deck by this
time next week. The next few weeks are always fun to watch. I did get some individual shots if there is someone special
you would like to see. Enjoy!




Dot/Bowser babies are a week old today. Dot is taking the occasional break but it never lasts long. Pink and Blue are cuddling up with their big bare brother and as you can see, the smallest still. Red and Purple are neck and neck as usual.  Everyone's eyes are open and I will try for some face shots soon. The squares in the fabric are 6x6 so you can get an idea of sizes. We do have availability so feel free to get in touch.

The Bowser/Dottie puppies are six days old. The four girls are wearing collars and their brother is going without.
The breeder of the litter is Cay Ireland. They will be with me till they go to new homes in September. Either of us
would be happy to talk to you about the litter.



Sire: Ch. Heaven Hi's Take A Look At Me @ Spirit

Dam:  GCh. Heaven Hi's Lida Rose

Keefer is jumping for joy about being picked to sire our lovely Lida's last litter. Pups are due in mid-July. The litter will be Clear by inheiritance. Keefer and Lida are smart, sweet and happy dogs who complement each other very well. Keefer is just a few points away from his Grand Championshi and Lida has hers. Both have Champion offspring and all their puppies are loving, happy go lucky companions. Pease get in touch if you are interested.

UPDATE 9/01/2021
Showing pups from both our litters this week. All the males are gone and, last weekend, all but one of Blush's brood went home.    Monday the Lida litter all had their first shots and the two males in that litter will be leaving in the next few days. That leaves the girls and I have some very, very promising ones to share. Enjoy. Lida's girls are Clear by inheiritance and Ivory's swabs are on their way to Minnasota for testing.

Lida's girls are Purple, Orange and Pink. Blush's girl is Ivory.  Any one of them would make a good Juniors dog, would handle performance venues and be a good show prospect.

UPDATE 8/25/2021
The Keefer/Lida puppies are six weeks old today. They had been playing outside for a couple of hours. Now know how to get them to hold still. The girls are White, Orange and Pink. All five are brave, sweet, playful and onery. Will be going in for their first shot next week and ready to meet their people a week after that. Keep looking for faults but am very pleased with all of them... May be just a tad prejudiced? I can't keep them all so feel free to get in touch. They are Clear by inheritance.



UPDATE 8/17/2021
The Lida/Keefer litter are coming right along. Five weeks today, have had their wellness check up and are eating me out of house and home.  Nicely balanced, nicely marked and Clear for cardio, Von Wildibrands and Xanthine. If the weather stays nice I will take them outside this afternoon for their next big adventure. They will be ready for their new homes the second week in September. Girls are Orange, Purple and Pink.



UPDATE 8/10/2021
Lida's pups are growing into lovely little dogs. They had their forr week check up today which they all sailed through. The litter is Clear by inheritance and will be ready for their new homes early in September. I would be happy to hear from you. Orange girl is showing off her "downward dog" while her brothers wonder what she is doing. 


UPDATE 8/04/2021
Had hoped to get something a little more lively but guess I should have done it before they ate? No matter what, I could not get all the girls then boys together long enough to get a shot. Orange and White are the girls.  Purple did not wish to pose.  Will try later for her.   And, no, I did not sprinkle the boys with pixie dust. Fat Man is laying on Little Boy. Teeth coming through now - the next few weeks will be fun,


UPDATE 7/20/2021
Hard to believe the Lida babies are already a week old. Everyone is thriving, Lida is doing well and we are off to a great start. No, there is not an extra puppy. I meant to take the girls and then the boys but Little Boy photo bombed the girls. They are the ones with collars.


UPDATE 7/13/2021
Lida decided to stop with five pups and here they are. Two males, Blue who is a lot the biggest and pale green.  Girls are Orange, Purple and Pink. Whale, Kermit, Citrus, Pansy and Peppermint. At least for now. They were born yesterday, July 12.



Sire: Grand Champion NamTam's Voyager 

Dam: Champion St. Stephen's Once Smitten At Marjani

Sailor has produced several nice litters and has Champion offspring to brag about. Blush will be a second time mother and her pups were all healthy and happy. Because of the shut downs none have done anything yet but be wonderful companions. As a pair, Sailor and Blush are a good match physically and both have sweet persionalities. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested.


UPDATE 8/21/2021
The pups are seven weeks old, have been vetted, wormed and just had their first shots. Everyone will be headed for
new homes in the next few weeks except pretty Yellow girl who is hoping someone will not be able to resist picking her up.  


UPDATE 8/14/2021
The Blush bunch is six weeks old today. Obviously, growing up is exhausting. Ivory, the littlest, is
the only one awake to keep an eye on things.There is one pet girl still available.



UPDATE 8/09/2021
No, I do not have ghost puppies. I do have a very bad camera. It was stuck on video so we have some shadows. Thankfully, the pups are all doing well, have had their well puppy check, are eating like lions and getting pretty fiesty. Five weeks old yesterday.

Yellow girl thought she deserved a close up.



UPDATE 7/29/2021
The Blush Bunch are four weeks old and doing well.  Now that they are eating they are closer in size and I am not so worried about Big Blue getting to big.  Funny, happy, adventurers whose motto is "run and find out".  I do still have some availability so get in touch if you are interested.  Girls are Lavender, Yellow and Ivory. Little Boy Blue is not wearing a collar.



UPDATE 7/23/2021
At three weeks the Blush Babies have plenty to say. The blue collar is Aquaman and the Yellow is the middle of the three girls. Not sure who the sleepy head is but obviously not impressed with modeling. All six are looking good and have started eating. Will be bombing around the floor by this time next week.



UPDATE 7/19/2021
Sailor/Blush puppies are two weeks old today. Celebrated by everybody weighing over a pound and opening their eyes.
All are doing very well. You can see how much they have grown.


UPDATE 7/10/2021
Sailor/Blush puppies are a week old. Everybody is doing well and are growing fast. Squares in fabric are six inches. 
Girls are together at the bottom.


UPDATE: 7/5/2021
Here are the first photos of Blush and her six pack. Three males and three (hooray) girls! Born on the third of July.
All six are doing very well. I will have availability on the males.


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