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 The Truth About  Puppy Mills and Factory Farms

Click here to see just one example of where those puppies from a pet shop come from!

Click here for a reality check on where your new puppy probably comes from if you aren't careful

Want to report a suspected puppy mill in your area, or make a complaint about a sick puppy you bought from a petshop? Click HERE and you will find the help you need.

Search for Cruelty-Free Companies and Products

(companies that don't test their products on animals)

Don't ever 'meet' someone to buy a puppy!
Especially at 1AM! Insist on seeing the home the dog is in and do not do business with them if the refuse.

Online petition - Shutting down
Pick-of-the-Litter Puppy Mill

Kentucky Fried Cruelty

Circus animal trainers love their animals like child pornographers love their children. They steal them from their mothers, force them to perform, and profit from the whole ordeal - Nick Coughlin

If you want a healthy and sound purebred, buy from a small, non-commercial breeder!
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(these are not puppy mills...scroll down to view puppy mill photos)
Labrador Retrievers

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."



Did you  buy your precious little puppy from a pet shop? Chances are your puppy came from a puppy mill. This is what your dollars went to support. The pups escape the torture, the mom remains to produce more and more and more puppies. They live in cages with wire floors their entire lives, with no love, no attention, little or no vet care, no exercise and they aren't even named! Some dogs that are removed from puppy mills don't even know how to walk on the ground! More often than not, the puppies have health issues that plague the dog for the rest of its life and will cost you a small fortune! What to do? Don't buy from a petshop or a puppy mill. Get your next dog, purebred or mixed breed, from a dog pound, rescue group, a small breeder or an animal shelter. (by small breeder, I mean someone who has the mother dog and pups IN their own home and not in an out-building, all alone in a kennel.)Then be sure to spay or neuter that dog so that reproduction stops at your doorstep! To find a purebred rescue in your state, go to Google and put in the search box the name of your state, the breed you want and the words 'rescue group'.
"We only buy from USDA inspected kennels." say the pet shops and animal brokers. Well here are some samples of  USDA inspected puppy mills/kennels. Click on the video below:

Here is one of Petland's sources....


Your dog is registered what? CKC?
What is the difference between AKC - American Kennel Club and CKC - Continental Kennel Club?
The AKC has higher standards.You can tell by comparing the breed standards from the
www.akc.org site and the www.ckc.org site. The AKC standard is much longer and more detailed than the CKC standard. It is also more difficult to get a new breed accepted into the AKC, which you can tell by the number of breeds in the AKC versus the CKC. The Continental Kennel Club was started by individuals who were suspended from the AKC, or couldn't adhere to its standards/pass its inspections. The CKC is generally considered a low-quality, puppy-mill registry -- for profit and willing to register anything with 4 legs. In the CKC, you can register a dog just using a photo, and no proof of pedigree. AKC inspects AKC kennels, but has low standards, whereas CKC does not inspect CKC kennels, and this would explain why many puppy mills are CKC - they can get away with treating their dogs like garbage. Keep in mind that AKC also supports puppy mills, so neither registry is worth its salt.
Minnesota Puppy Mill Photos | Click here for puppy mill photos
Caution, graphic, but something every dog lover needs to see!


United Against  Puppy Mills - Working together to break the chain of cruelty

Did you buy your dog from a pet shop, or from someone who "will meet you", or someone who raises several different breeds or those so-called 'designer dogs'? You have no doubt purchased a puppy that originated in a puppy mill. Check out the links below - you just might have an awakening. How to stop a puppy mill.

Click for more info

Stop Puppy Mills!


What is a puppy mill?
It's like being on death row without committing a crime.

Say NO to puppy mills and petshops! Stand up for something important. You are not rescuing a dog,  you are supporting an unforgiveable, immoral business and keeping it alive! Stop buying from mills and they will go belly up! Report all animal abuse to your local police or humane society. Do a follow-up to be sure the call was processed properly. Buy house-raised pups from small breeders. Say NO to large-scale breeders! Never agree to 'meet' someone to buy your pup. Insist on seeing the entire property and the parents of the pup. Stand your ground, don't give an inch. If they say no, then they are hiding something. Leave. Tell your friends, spread the word. Only deal with honest, small, dedicated breeders.

Click here for puppy mill photos
Caution, graphic, but something every dog lover needs to see!

Please don't buy from pet shops & puppy mills!

Click a link below for Puppy Mill information:

Stopping A Puppy Mill

Companion Animal Protection Society


Happy cows from California? Uh huh...this is the reality below..

Below is a picture of where your cheap eggs come from. Even if your eggs say ORGANIC, CAGE FREE or FREE RANGE on the carton, this could be what you are supporting. Investigate the source of your eggs and dairy. As of 2015 egg-laying hens in the nation's largest farming state (California) will no longer be stuffed a half-dozen at a time into a cage the size of a file cabinet drawer. Pregnant sows will never again have to live in gestation crates that dig into their sides and give them no room to turn around. And veal farmers will be prohibited from tethering calves in narrow stalls. Other states will soon follow, but in the meantime, don't buy bargain eggs. Click on the photo below to see a close-up view of factory farm chickens, suffering in their cages, laying cheap eggs for the public. This is their life from birth til death. Don't support this animal cruelty any longer! Make a difference, stand firm and refuse to buy factory farm eggs. Ignorance is bliss? Ignorance is apathy.

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